I AM Charlene and as your lead Creative Investigator, my focus is to facilitate and foster your connection back to your inner source of creativity. When you have access to discovering and uncovering who you really are, you come into alignment with the authentic expression of your heart (your "Voice") on every level of your life. And from there, a portal opens to the space of limitless creativity where you can reside forever.

The vehicle for this empowerment work is through proprietary tools & methods I have created and developed through self-inquiry, self-examination and self-investigation. This is an invitation to witness what your journey has looked like, to participate in where it is going and to have fun on the ride!

S33THREE is a creative empowerment practice. It is a life-affirming, solution and choice-based discipline that gives you the tools to use and share your gifts in service with clear, purposeful intention that has impact and the power to ripple out into the world. Like any discipline that takes practice to master, you are learning how to make subtle shifts and adjustments from within you that will alter and enhance your outer world reality and outlook on life.


Tapping into the language of your heart is about seeing, knowing, owning and trusting what is already here for you and all that you already have so you can more fully express who you are and be empowered to share your gifts.


 photo by john keel   

photo by john keel