3 Things about me


LANGUAGE OF THE HEART: There is a direct connection between the nomadic Chinese language dialect of Hakka I learned to speak by ear as a child (because it is not written) and the language of music, which I also speak (through an instrument) and learned to play by ear via Suzuki Violin. It's very important to understand that each person has a different learning orientation and entry point when it comes to information. I respect and can work with them all though I am specifically an auditory learner which has significance because it has impacted a huge part of my story in how I learned to play from my heart. I had even considered this auditory orientation to be a weakness of mine from an early age until I only recently discovered that it is and has always been my greatest gift. I view non-verbal languages and expressions (music, art, dance, humor...) as frequency and metaphorical languages - Dialects of Love - because I consider Love to be our first Universal Language.

You are Home when you are playing from your Heart.

DOUBLE AGENT LIFE: I am a hybrid much like the car I drive. Many of my life experiences have been about straddling two worlds at once, starting at the completion of one cycle (endings) and hinging into the new (beginnings) where the former informed the latter and gave me the leg up. I am East and West. I am an artist and a corporate worker. I am left-brained and right-brained. I am classical and rock. I am Yin and Yang. I am lucky to feel like I have never had to choose between any two things because I AM all things. It's impossible to want or be any one thing in life. I wholeheartedly accept this because it gives me broader perspective on a bigger picture level.

A LIFE-CHANGING SEQUENCE OF EVENTS: The seeds of change and inner awakening were planted in 2011 unbeknownst to me. I left the corporate world attempting to follow my heart and play music full-time only to return to corporate life not long after because instability was hard and I wanted life to be easy. Well...my outlook started to change a few years later when I started to take a very different kind of accounting of my life and everything going on around me when a sequence of senseless, indescribable, and unjustifiable loss of life was taking hold of too many people I knew and countless strangers around the globe. I almost succumbed to hopelessness but not before getting the message from the Universe about what the pattern was all about - that if one person suffers, everybody suffers. But also conversely that my own happiness and compassion could be mirrored back to me by a complete stranger. The message was clear: this is an important and necessary time in history for each of us, one by one, to move humanity forward by working in partnership and collaboration to discover the ways in which we are all connected rather than divided. To get back to that common Language of Love regardless of any old paradigms we subscribe to or labels we identify with. There is great responsibility and a commitment to your Self that comes when life calls you to awaken into a deeper awareness of who you are and your life purpose.

Love Abounds Beyond Our Reasonings
(this is the true LABOR of Love)
— Tom Kelly aka "Yogi Tom"