Doing inner, self-development work is a discipline that takes focus, commitment, time and practice. But WHAT IF we were to consider life to be a series of experiments in the lab that is life? Wouldn't it be more fun?

In the context of experimenting, if we don't know what the outcomes or results (aka "the unknowing") will be and accept that we have no control over them, then there is no right or wrong, better or worse or perfect or not perfect. There is only intention. The energy riding on your every word and action has the ability to create heart-centered experiences, manifestations and realities on cellular levels.

You just have to try...and trust...and be open to receive. This idea is open ended in it of itself but what is certain is that it is possible to transform anything you perceive as a challenge into an opportunity.

You are experience experiencing itself
— Simran Singh

And sure, you could say we're doing a little something like this...GET IN!